14 июня(пятница) 2013 Москва

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Prehistoric Python: Patterns Past their Prime

Lennart Regebro - created his first website in 1994, and has been
working full time with open source web development since 2001. He is
the author of the book "Porting to Python 3".
Lennart is an independent contractor, mostly developing websites and
web applications using Plone or Django.

Доклад(45 мин)

It goes through programming patterns that has been obsoleted by changed in
Python but that you still find in actual production code. I'll take
examples of outdated coding practices in frameworks such a Django and
Plone/Zope, explain what they do, why they aren't good ideas any more
and what to do instead.

I think that can be good for both new programmers to learn more of
Python, and also more experienced programmers that are likely to
encounter these patterns when they need to dig down into older code as
they maintain the frameworks they use.

There will be a lot of code, which always is nice.

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